Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pictures from the tour

The Rose Lowder USA Tour was a great success! If you have pictures you would like to add, please email them to tara.nelson@massart.edu.



Peggy Ahwesh, Tara Nelson, MM Serra, Rose Lowder, Bill Brand, Courtney Lockemer, and Keith Sanborn after the screening at Anthology Film Archives

There is a short video of this same group having dinner after the Anthology screening.

Rose with Gordon Nelson and Bradley Eros before the screening at Anthology Film ArchivesThe audience assembles at Anthology Film Archives, New York

Rose takes questions from the audience at Anthology

Rose and her fans at Anthology Film Archives

Rose and MM Serra run into Robert Haller outside Anthology Film Archives, New York

Rose and MM Serra, Filmmakers Cooperative, New York

Rose puts her new films into distribution at the Filmmakers Cooperative, New York

MM Serra shows Rose the "signature wall" at the Filmmakers Cooperative, New York

Rose adds her name to the 'signature wall' at the Filmmakers Cooperative, New York

Rose displays the film design for Parcelle at the Paramount, Boston

Tara Nelson introduces Rose at the Paramount, Boston

Rose and Director of Film Programs, Rebecca Meyers, at the Paramount

Rose checks the projection at the Paramount's Bright Family Screening Room

Projectionist Herb in the booth at the Paramount

Rose under the marquis at the Paramount Center

Rose presents to students at Emerson College

Filmmaker Kathryn Ramey welcomes Rose to her class at Emerson College

Saul Levine introduces Rose Lowder to a full house at MassArt Film Society

Preparing for screening at MassArt Film Society with Saul Levine and projectionist Gordon Nelson

Lecture to students at MassArt

Looking at the Bolex with students at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Film design for Bouquet 16

Rose examining her film designs with students at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Lecture to students at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Rose and Abigail Child at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Rose Lowder lectures at MassArt

Showing film designs during lecture at MassArt

Rose lectures at MassArt

Rose examines the MassArt film library

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Interviews with Rose Lowder on Radio and Video

From filmmaker and radio broadcaster William English, with his permission:

I interviewed Rose, Alain and Yann Beauvais in 1989.
The interviews were published in
Millennium Film Journal 23/24 in 1990/91.

The original
tape recording of that interview was broadcast on Resonance 104.4FM London's first radio Arts station as one of my Wavelength programmes on 11th December 2009.

Or from my website www.williamenglish.com, radio, 2009, December 11th

Also, my partner Sandra Cross and I made a one hour film of Rose in her Paris flat as part of Sandra's ongoing project "What did you eat today? Rose Lowder"

This video is available from Light Cone and I believe is viewable in its entirety from the Light Cone website. View video

Friday, January 28, 2011

Film Stills

Bouquet 8 (1994) Camargue
Bouquet 7 (1995) Tonnerre

Bouquet 7 (1995) Tonnerre
Bouquet 6 (1994) Vesse
Bouquet 1 (1995) Mont Ventoux
Bouquet 1 (1995) Mont Ventoux

Bouquet 1 (1995) Mont Ventoux

Les Tournesols colores (colored sunflowers) (1983)

Les Tournesols (Sunflowers) (1982)
Couleurs mecaniques (1979)
Couleurs mecaniques (1979)
Bouquet 10 (1995) Hautes-Alpes
Bouquet 9 (1995) Route de Signes All images courtesy of Rose Lowder

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Press Release

French filmmaker Rose Lowder’s USA tour kicks off in Boston

January 24, 2011 - Boston

French experimental filmmaker Rose Lowder will bring new and older films to the USA in February 7-19th, 2011. This will be her first trip to the US since 1989.

Lowder will hold a US premiere of 3 new films in Boston at Massachusetts College of Art and Design on February 9th and the Paramount Theater on February 11th, before continuing on to Milwaukee, Chicago and New York City. She will also deliver a free lecture at MassArt on February 7th.

Lowder has made over 50 avant-garde and experimental films since the 1970’s, influencing generations of filmmakers and enthusiasts worldwide. Her 16mm films are composed frame-by-frame, and feature profound investigations of rural Europe and its inhabitants with an undercurrent of ecological concerns. She was originally trained as a painter and sculptor in Lima and London, turning to filmmaking as both an artistic practice and method for research in photographic and visual perception. Lowder is 69 years old.

This tour is curated by MassArt film graduate student Tara Nelson and funded in part by MassArt Curatorial and the Cine 2000 program of the French Cultural Embassy. Screenings are co-sponsored by and presented at MassArt Film Society; School of the Museum of Fine Arts; ArtsEmerson's Paramount Center; University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee’s Union Theater; the Gene Siskel Arts Center and Anthology Film Archives.

Description of 2010 film, Fleur de sel (Sea Salt Flower) from Rose Lowder

“In Sea Salt Flower I tried to penetrate the Guérande Salt Marshes cinematographically; this is a land of birds and salt, recently designated a « Grand Site National » to protect it from the devastations of modern life. Far from the reverberations of contemporary society, the place has a rhythm of its own throughout the year. After winter restoration work, the mosaic of shallow salt pans are prepared, which by means of minute skilful adjustments, enable the water to circulate; combined with the effects of the sun and the wind, these allow the salt to crystallize. By the end of the process, as at the end of the film, the fine salt flower crystals float on the surface above the bigger crystals on the bottom in all directions at once.” –Rose Lowder

Tour Schedule

Monday, Feb 7 - Lecture and short screening at MassArt

Wednesday, Feb 9 – Screening at MassArt Film Society

Friday, Feb 11 - Screening at Paramount Theater

Monday, Feb 14 – Lecture at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Tuesday, Feb 15 – Screening at Union Theater in Milwaukee

Thurs, Feb 17 - Screening at the Gene Siskel Center, Chicago

Saturday, Feb 19 - Screening at Anthology Film Archive, New York

For more information visit: http://roselowder.blogspot.com

To see samples of Lowder’s films visit:


Contact: Tara Nelson, tara.nelson@massart.edu; 412-512-2553

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rose Lowder Filmography


Roulement, rouerie, aubage

16mm b/w & c silent 15 min



16mm c silent 3 min

Couleurs mécaniques (Mechanical Colours)

16mm c silent 16 min

Rue des Teinturiers

16mm c silent 31 min

Champ Provençal (Provençal Field)

16mm c silent 9 min

Retour d'un repère (Recurrence)

16mm c silent 19 min; 1 projector & 2 projector versions


16mm n/b & c silent 23 min

Certaines observations

16mm b/w & w/b silent 14 min; Film for 1 screen & 2 projectors


Retour d'un repère composé (Composed Recurrence)

16mm c silent 59 min


Les tournesols (Sunflowers)

16mm c silent 3 min


Les tournesols colorés (Coloured Sunflowers)

16mm c silent 3 min


Scènes de la vie française : Arles

16mm c silent 21 min


Scènes de la vie française : Paris 16mm c silent 26 min

Scènes de la vie française : La Ciotat 16mm c silent 31 min

Scènes de la vie française : Avignon 16mm c silent 11 min



16mm c optical sound 8 min



16mm c optical sound 13 min

Music : Katie O'Looney


Bouquets 1-10

16mm c silent 11.33 min



16mm c silent 1 min


Two Pictures (in collaboration with Carl Brown)

16mm c optical sound 12 min


Les Coquelicots (Poppies)

16mm c silent preferably 18 fps; 2.7 min


Bouquets 21-24

16mm c silent preferably 18 fps; 5.3 min

Voiliers et coquelicots (Poppies and Sailboats)

16mm c silent preferably 18 fps; 2.6 min


Bouquets 25, 26-27

16mm c silent preferably 18 fps; 3.60 min


L'Invitation au voyage

16mm c optical sound 33 min

(in collaboration with Carl Brown)


Bouquets 28-30

16mm c silent preferably 18 fps; 3.60 min


Bouquets 21-30

16mm c silent preferably 18 fps; 14 min


Habitat, Batracien/Batrachian

16mm c silent; 8.31 min


Côté jardin

16mm silent; 4.17 min


Bouquets 11-20

16mm c silent; 10.30 min


Fleur de sel (Sea Salt Flower)

16mm c optical sound; 32 min

Music : François Alexis Degrenier

Jardin du soleil (Sun Garden)

16mm c silent; 2 min

Jardins du Marais (Marsh Garden)

16mm c silent; 2.30 min

Rien d'extraordinaire, ­ (Nothing Special)

Music : François Alexis Degrenier

16mm c optical sound; 1.45 min

24 fps unless otherwise indicated

Films in Collections

Couleurs mécaniques

Musée national d¹art moderne (Mnam), Centre G.


Rue des Teinturiers

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York

Vidéothèque de Paris

Musée national d¹art moderne (Mnam), Centre G.


Champ Provençal

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York

Retour d'un repère

Musée national d¹art moderne (Mnam), Centre G.


Les tournesols (Sunflowers) and Les tournesols colorés (coloured sunflowers)

Musée national d'art moderne (Mnam), Centre G.


Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Toronto

California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California

Bouquets 1-10

University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island

Musée national d'art moderne (Mnam), Centre G.


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee

La Cinémathèque française, Paris

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Bouquets 21-30

MAC/VAL, Musée d¹art contemporain du Val-de-marne, Paris

Filmed interwiews

Frédérique Devaux et Michel Amarger, Cinéxpérimentaux n°5 : Rose Lowder,

Production EDA, 2002, 23mn

Radio interviews

Trans/formes, program by Francesca Isidori.

A l'expérience des sens. Deux femmes d'expérience.

Cécile Fontaine & Rose Lowder, France Culture, 16h30, le 21 juin 2000

films distributed by :

LIGHT CONE, 41 bis, quai de Loire, 75019 Paris

tél 33 (0) 1 46 59 01 53

fax 33 (0) 1 46 59 03 12



Rose Lowder's films are also distributed by :

Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre

401 Richmond ST.W. Suite 119

Toronto, On M5V 3A8

tél 416 588-0725

fax 416 588-7956



Canyon Cinema, Inc.

145 Ninth Street, Suite 260

San Francisco, California 94103

Phone/fax 415-626-2255



Film-maker's Cooperative

475 Park Avenue South (at 32nd St.), Sixth Floor

New York, NY 10016

tél 1 212 267-5665 (11 a.m. ­ 4 p.m.)

fax 1 212 267-5666





3rd. Floor, 18 Shacklewell Lane

E8 2EZ London

tél 44 207 503 3980

fax 44 207 503 3979 / 44 207 503 1606